Overhead Door Maintenance

Like any device, machine, or system in use at your business, your garage door will benefit from a regular schedule of overhead door maintenance. Although your commercial overhead door may work flawlessly for years, problems can develop over time that can lead to sudden failure of the door or its components.

You can set up a schedule for regular maintenance with Reliable Garage Door Repair and avoid many of the unpleasant surprises that can occur when a commercial overhead door suddenly decides to stop working. Although you can’t prevent every problem from occurring, you can reduce the likelihood of an emergency repair by keeping the components of your garage door (or doors) in good, working condition.

What is a Good Schedule for Overhead Door Maintenance?

Most systems in use at your business benefit from a monthly, seasonal, biannual, or yearly inspection, and you probably already have some arrangements set up with repair and maintenance professionals for your HVAC system, the roof of your business, and things like the water heater or furnace.

The frequency with which you use your overhead door in Dallas may dictate the best maintenance schedule, and a call to Reliable Garage Door Repair is the first step in setting up a yearly or seasonal maintenance check for your commercial overhead door. We’ll take a look at the age, current wear, and usage patterns of your overhead door and make a recommendation on how often you should get garage door service.

If you have a loading dock and a large overhead door that is opened and closed several times a day, we might recommend a more frequent schedule of inspections than if you have a single overhead door at the front of your business that comes up once a day in the morning and is closed once a day in the evening.

Awareness Helps Keep Garage Door Parts in Good Condition

A garage door repair professional from Reliable Garage Door Repair can quickly diagnose problems that have already occurred or which are likely to occur in the near future when he or she visits on a regular maintenance call. However, you can increase the lifespan of your overhead door and the point at which you’ll need garage door replacement by taking a good look at your overhead door at least once a month.

For example, you may want to test the overhead door “eyes” that tell the door to stop moving when something is in the way during door closure. If the overhead door doesn’t stop when there’s something in the way of the door, you’ll definitely want to make a quick maintenance call to us for garage door repair.

Garage doors for commercial use are designed to work for years – and usually decades – but even well-made, quality garage door parts can break down over time. Remaining aware of potential problems and getting ahead of breakage or damage can mean the difference between a quick overhead door repair and the need for overhead door installation and complete replacement.

Remember: Emergency garage door repair is always available from Reliable Garage Door Repair, but you can reduce the disruption and hassle you experience by taking care of your overhead door in Dallas with regular maintenance visits.

Contact Reliable Garage Door Repair to Set Up a Commercial Overhead Door Maintenance Schedule

We make it easy to take care of your commercial overhead doors by completing all garage door repair in Dallas quickly and on a schedule that offers as little disruption to your business as possible. We want to see your overhead door working smoothly for many years, and we can help you achieve that goal with regular overhead door maintenance.