5 Garage Ideas To Make Your Home Awesome

Ever wish you had more space to store things? Ever wanted to make your home look better? Great! We came up with a few garage ideas we thought could help out with just that. Whether you’re trying to utilize your home’s space or increase its aesthetic value, we’ve got an idea for you. Let’s get started!

1. Gel Stain Your Garage Door

The first of our garage ideas will fix sun damage or old age! What is it? Gel Stain. Gel Stain has a beautiful finish for your garage door, it costs less than $20, and it can be done over a weekend! This is a great do it yourself activity that can really add some aesthetic value to your home. If you’d like to learn more about gel stain and how to do it, Domestically Speaking has a great post all about it.




2. Garage Storage = Amazing Asset

The most common reason any garage looks bad is because of clutter. Organization is the most important thing to master if you want your garage to look awesome. There are different levels to this depending on how handy you are. We’ll go over a few essentials on how to utilize your garage space as well as leave you some links to spectacular pieces of content that elaborate on garage ideas relating to storage.

Shelves + Crates = Happiness

The best way to store items you don’t use very often is to put them in crates and store them on shelves. Sounds super simple, but many people don’t sit around thinking of garage ideas like us! Every garage is different, so a great option for shelves is to build them yourself. Most people do a design that covers most of one wall where they can store an impressive amount of junk. Sorry, not junk, countless invaluable trinkets they MUST HAVE!

Table + Tool Wall = Manliness

This isn’t the most revolutionary of our garage ideas, but it’s one we felt not many utilize. A table is always nice to have in a garage for many reasons. You can get work done on your laptop if the kids just ate a bunch of fruit loops and are going crazy, you can work on small projects for around the house, or you can just put stuff on it. Whatever it is, a garage is a great place for a table. What about all the tools you need to build necessities like stage seating and custom coasters? One word: pegboard. Pegboards are super easy to install and allow your tools to take up virtually zero space in your garage. Where does the pegboard go? Right above your desk. You may have to bend over the desk to get to the tools, but it’ll make it harder for your kids to get to them.


garage door with arbor

3. Install An Arbor With Vines

Putting up an arbor in front of your garage door is a simple and elegant way to increase your house’s curb appeal. Also, depending on its size, arbors can provide a small amount of extra shade to protect your door from sun damage. For a nice finishing touch, growing vines up from the base of the arbor is a simple and fun way to go. Jasmine is particularly good for this type of thing. If you’d like to learn more about growing Jasmine around the base of your arbor, check out this guide.


 coated garage floor

4. Acid Stained Floor

Yes, this is as cool as it sounds. Acid staining causes a reaction with the lime present in the concrete to create a more glossy, show room type floor. Who knew these garage ideas would start involving science?! If you want to do it yourself, you need to make sure to first prep the floor properly. You can also hire a company to do it for you. A company would cost you around $3 per square foot, and the equipment and materials to do it yourself would cost around $700. Whichever method you choose, paying your floor some TLC creates a bit of wow factor for everyone who visits your house.


pinterest link

5. Pinterest Rocks

Men, listen up. Pinterest has a stigma of being a bit girly (mostly because women LOVE it). However, it is a fantastic source of creative information, like garage ideas, if you want to make your house look better or keep up with trends in any market. In the research stage of writing this article we came across a piece of awesome content we wanted to share. If you want your garage to go from looking good to awesome, CHECK THIS OUT. If you really care about making your garage your happy place, that article will help.


If you’re trying out one of these garage ideas and something goes wrong, remember you can always call Reliable Garage Door Repair to get professional same-day service.